Thank you for your interest in Golf Instruction.  My goal is to modify a golfers swing without trying to overwhelm you with technical terms or try to rebuild your swing from scratch, disrupt your current level of play or force you into an uncomfortable swing motion. I provide instruction for Juniors and Adults of all skill levels.  Corporate clinics and programs also available upon request.

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Director of Instruction

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OPERATION 36 ACADEMY PROGRAM                                                               

There will be several Academy Classes offered this Fall available to ages 7-13.  These 8 week programs will focus on golf development through Coaching, Playing, and Training Programs. 

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The Academy is structured using the Operation 36 programming platform. It consists of playing, coaching, and practice programming that is designed to provide an accelerated structure to progress juniors to shoot par or better for 9 holes.


To provide a roadmap for golfers to improve their skills and score on the course, the program also contains 6 levels, each level containing 12 objectives. Golfers are taught these objectives by golf professionals in weekly programs. The mobile app is the central hub where golfers can view their objectives, log when they play and train, connect with their friends in a social activity feed, and have friendly competitions using the community leaderboards feature.


For more information on the Operation 36 Program or to LOGIN please CLICK HERE.  Existing Operation 36 families, please login with your FAMILY ADMIN, not your juniors app login.


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“NEW GOLFER BOOTCAMP” is a one-day, 4 hour Program that is exclusively for new golfers interested in playing, but not quite sure how to begin.  You will start the workshop as a novice, and by the end, you will be comfortable going out on the course, with a roadmap for your golf journey.  Programs being developed to begin in September.



I am pleased to announce that there will be another FUTURES 36ers Program available in September 2019.  This program was developed for ages 4 -6 with the purpose to prepare juniors for the Operation 36 Academy Program where we will start measuring progress on the golf course.


PARENTS ORIENTATION NIGHT will be held on Thursday, August 8th at REUNION GOLF CLUB at 6 PM.  Please make arrangements to attend this meeting as we will go over new program information and discuss the upcoming Semester.



Director of Instruction / Golf Academy


Phone: (706) 255-3421