2020 Reunion Golf Club MGA

Welcome to the 2020 Reunion Men’s Golf Association season. The tournament schedule has been finalized, and we all look forward to a great golfing season. The MGA mission is to create events to promote camaraderie, fun and a little friendly competition. 

In addition to the monthly tournaments there will be a Wednesday Night Men’s League.  The league will start the 1st Wednesday after the time change in March.  Start times will be 5:00pm for March and then as the days get longer we will move to 5:30pm. 

Structure and Accounting

  • OPEN to Range Members or Full Members Only over 21 years of age with a USGA Handicap.
  • Cost: $60 - $30 goes towards player of the year Payout.
  • Range Members will pay $49 green fees on day of play.
  • Must have a current USGA Handicap.
  • All monies collected and distributed will be held by The Club.
  • Membership includes free entry for Club Championship.   
  • Hole in one pot, any player making a hole in one in a MGA event will be paid in pro shop credit.   Each RMGA member will be charged $10.  That money then will be put in the member’s credit book account.

General Event Structures

  • White tee eligibility is 60 years and older or HCP Index of 16.1 or Higher. Players over 60 may elect to play the blue Tees
  • Entry Fee to Each Event will be $20.00 Cash.
  • $10 Optional Closest to Pin and $10 Gross/Net Skins – Cash Payout.  Net skins will be 50% of handicap.
  • Payouts will be to 30% of the field.  . 


Wednesday Night Men’s League

  • Entry Fee to Each Event will be $10.00 Cash.  Non – RCC members pay $15 green fee.
  • Payouts will be to 30% of the field. 
  • Open to anyone with a USGA Handicap.
  • Format: Modified Stableford.  Two Person 9-hole stroke play combined modified stableford scoring.      


Eagle = 8 points, Birdie = 4 points,  Par = 2 points,   Bogey = 1 point,  DBL Bogey = 0 and  Triple Bogey = -1

Player of the Year

Player of the year points will be awarded for each event played.  The top 9 players will qualify for the Players Championship on Oct 17th.  Players will be awarded additional handicap shots based off their final points standing.  This is similar to the PGA Tour Fedex Cup finals. ‚Äč

 POY Points per Event

First Place 300/ Second Place200/ Third Place150/ Fourth Place100/ Fifth Place50/ Rest of Field25

2020 Proposed Events (updated 7/1/20)

22 Feb            Tough-Man Bubba - Course set up with challenging conditions.  50% of Handicap Used                       

27 Jun                 2 Man Shamble – Pick your partner

18 Jul                  Individual Stroke Play combined with PGA Tour player     

15 Aug                 2 Man Best Ball (80% of Handicap used) – Pick your partner

11-12 Sep             RMGA Member-Member

14 Nov                  Players Championship -  Top 9 players from POY standings.  (Payout to top 3)

2020 Club Championship weekend dates have been updated to October 15-18th

All dvisions will compete in this date range. Be on the lookout for more information!



Interested in joining the Reunion Men's Golf Association? Please reach out to our Head Golf Professional listed below!

Carl Casmere


(770)967-8300 Ext: 1

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