Reunion Country Club Present

-The Winter Chili Scramble –

This event is open to anyone ages 55 and older!

Dates:   Wednesday February 17th, 2021

Time:  Play starts at 9:00am

Format: This is a 4-Person team event (ABCD). All four players will tee off from their respective tees on each hole. The team selects the location they will play the second series of shots from based off where the four tee shots came to rest. Once this location is chosen the other three players can retrieve their tee shots and meet at the chosen location. Each player will play from within one club length: no closer to the hole. Also, the club length can never change the conditions of the lie. Example: If the chosen ball came to rest in the fairway, all shots for the next series need to be played from the fairway.  Once the team has reached the green, the team will continue with the change of one club length becoming one putter head length, also no closer to the hole.  

Member fee: $20 per player
            Non-member fee: $36 plus tax green fee ($20 tournament fee)

            Bowl of Chili
            One Beer
            Closest to the pin contests

           Players will compete from the tee that they are established from based off GHIN.

           The white tees will be the limit for farthest back.                               

Side Items:

The pro shop will pair this event in the A,B,C,D format based off of signups. Handicapping will be based of USGA recommendation.


            Please signup below, or by contacting the pro shop.

Signup cutoff is Saturday February 13th, 2021.

Registration has expired.