The RMGA invites all Reunion Men's Golf Association Members to play in the Ryder Cup
November 9th
Starting at 8:30am


FORMAT: 18 Holes Match Play, Front Nine Best Ball and Back Nine Singles Matches. Front Nine - Best Ball Match play on holes #1 through #9. Back Nine - Singles Matches #10 through #18 

SCORING: Each match is worth one point for a win and ½ point for a tie. The team with the most points will win the cup. Scoring will be held in the club house Tavern.

HANDICAPS:  Front Nine match handicaps are calculated at 90% of the player's course handicap with stroke allocation off the low team/player involved in the match as noted on the official scorecards. Back Nine Singles Matches will be 100%. 

TEES: Blue Tees and White tee eligibility is 55 years and older or HCP Index of 16.1 or Higher. Players over 55 may elect to play from blue tee. Rule 3-5 will be in affect for handicap adjustment when competing from different tees. 


$40 Cash Entry Fee per Player.  $20 for Cash Game and $20 for Food after Round
Plus Applicable Green Fee

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