Reunion Golf Club

2019 RMGA Match Play



Dates:    May 13th –Aug 12th             

·        This is a Single elimination match play tournament.  Open to all members of the RMGA in good standing.  

·        The field will be limited to the first 32.

o   Players must have a current handicap index.

o   Players will receive 100% of USGA Handicap.

o   Current handicap will be used on the day of the match.

o   Players will play off of the lower handicap during matches. 

o   Players must have posted NLT 10 rounds in a calendar year.  If not, the lowest handicap index will be used during that 12 month period. 

o    First round matches will be drawn randomly.



Round of 32      May 13th –June 2nd     

                        Round of 16    June 3rd – June 23rd  

                        Round of 8      June 24th   –July 14th       

                        Semi Finals     July 15th – Aug 4th

Finals               Aug5th – Aug 26th  

***There are no exceptions for time extensions.  Players unable to complete their match will be eliminated. ***                        


  • Tees:                
    • All players will play from the Blue tees.
    • Matches that end up even after 18 holes must continue to extra holes until a winner is established.  Handicap strokes fall where they originally began. (Meaning strokes roll over)


Format: Individual Match Play

Entry Fee: $20                   


Entry Deadline:  The field will be limited to the first 32 players.  Players will be required to register online;   

Registration has expired.